Nails and beauty

Clients can receive services such as facials, waxing, eyebrow/lash tint, lift, shape, all types of nail and pedicure care, shellac and acrylic/ gel extension. The beauty section may also include a relaxation area where clients can unwind before or after their treatments.

Overall, the beauty section in a salon is an essential part of the salon experience, as it offers clients a range of services to enhance their appearance and boost their confidence.


Name Price
MINI Manicure – Short on time? You will have nails cut and shaped, with a polish of your choice at the end. €17.00.
LUX MINI Manicure – Simply wonderful! A quick fix for your hands! This quick manicure includes a shape, cuticle work and polish. €35.00.
SIGNATURE Manicure – Our most popular and signature manicure! This treatment offers a lovely intense therapy for dry, damaged cuticles. Solar oil works wonders on nails and cuticles. Jojoba oil and vitamin E reduce signs of ageing and keep hands soft and supple. The treatment includes a nourishing sugar scrub exfoliation and a hand massage with almond and buttercream. Also includes all cuticle work as well as a file and polish. €45.00
SHELLAC We are using only CND Shellac products and guarantee beautiful long-lasting polish. Your nails going to be shaped, cuticles tidy up and nails prepared for shellac application. After application, your cuticles going o be treated with almond oil. €35.00
SHELLAC removal €10.00
GEL/ACRYLICS NAILS full set – Gel extensions give you the look of long nails. The nail and cuticle are prepared, then the gel is sculpted, cured, and then shaped to add length and strength to the nail. Followed by the application of the colour of your preference and treating the cuticles with almond oil. €60.00
GEL/ACRYLICS refills – The old gel is filed down, and the broken nail fixing is included. The nail and cuticle are prepared, then the gel is sculpted, cured, and then shaped. Followed by the application of the colour of your preference and the treatment of cuticles with almond oil. €55.00
GEL/ACRYLIC removal €25.00
BIAB NAILS with colour €60.00

Manicures and Pedicures represent the ultimate indulgence in nail care. Performed in our manicure & pedicure lounge and using only the finest nail products, let our team beautify hands and feet whilst you lap up the sumptuous scents and surroundings.

Name  Price
MINI Pedicure – Short on time or just need a quick refresh? Speed through this pedicure with an energising sea salt bath and nail clipping, filing and your choice of polish. €20.00
LUX MINI Pedicure – Simply wonderful! A quick fix for your feet! This quick pedicure includes a sea salt bath, a clip and shape, cuticle work, file hard skin and polish of your choice. €50.00
SIGNATURE Pedicure – Rest tired and trampled feet in a relaxing Jacuzzi bath with a unique sea salt. Nails clipping, shaped and cuticle work will be performed. Follow with callus removal and turn your feet soft and smooth, with no hard skin on them anymore! Amazing exfoliating foot scrub will be used to remove dry and flaking skin followed by a massage using a cream which is perfect for all skin types and is effective enough to hydrate, repair and soothe tough dry cracked skin. Final touch with the Polish of your choice. €60.00
SHELLAC TOES – We are using only CND Shellac products and guarantee beautiful long-lasting polish. Your nails going to be shaped, cuticles tidied up and nails prepared for shellac application. After application, your cuticles going to be treated with almond oil. €35.00
Name Price
LIP WAX €10.00
CHIN WAX €15.00
FULL ARM €35.00
HALF ARM €20.00
STANDARD BIKINI – A tidy up – removal of hair from outside the panty line €25.00
CALIFORNIA BIKINI – Also called Extended Bikini wax. This is a high leg bikini wax, removing hair on the bikini line and the inner thigh. This is suitable for high-cut underwear or swimwear. €30.00
BRAZILIAN WAX – This treatment leaves hair on the front in either a strip or mini-triangle shape. All the hair from the lips (labia) and bum is removed. €55.00
HOLLYWOOD WAX – This removes all hair from the pubic area and bum. €60.00
+ Standard Bikini
+ Californian
+ Brazilian
+ Hollywood
+ Standard Bikini
+ Californian
+ Brazilian
+ Hollywood

Daniel and Andrew Beauty is proud to have introduced the famous Australian LYCON wax to Dublin. After creating a media frenzy for their famous chocolate wax, clients including Sienna Miller, Victoria Beckham & Minnie Driver – to name but a few – have all become dedicated followers. The elite Lycon brand offers a choice of hot & strip wax accompanied by harmonising pre and post-waxing lotions and waxing accessories, allowing the right combination to be tailored for total customer satisfaction. Using only the finest resins, natural ingredients and aromatherapy oils, Lycon delivers superior performance, removing stubborn hair as short as 1mm (1/16″). At the same time, the amazing low temperature and pliable waxes provide a nurturing and skin conditioning treatment for extra client comfort. Lycon hot waxes can be re-applied on just waxed areas immediately without discomfort or irritation – excellent on the most sensitive skins…anywhere.

Name Price
Henna brows ( TINT AND SHAPE) €45.00
Eyebrow lamination €65.00
Lash Lift €70.00

Enter the world of Yon-Ka treatments for a unique aromatic experience where every fragrance brings harmony. Refined methods, exclusive techniques, precise amounts of plant extracts and essential oils, the skill of qualified professionals… In France and around the world, Yon-Ka gives you over 50 years of expertise through a wide array of holistic, custom treatments, providing instantly visible results. Here you will find a brief selection.

Teen Facial

Name Price / Time
TEEN FACIAL – is perfect for teenage boys and girls. This is a fantastic treatment to help clear teenage skin while also providing education on how best to treat their skin! Parents are more than welcome to come along. We will complete a double cleanse to make sure we do a really good deep cleanse.
An exfoliation is carried out to remove any dead cells which may be blocking your pores and extractions are done to help clear congestion. A masque is then applied . To finish your therapist will apply her chosen aftercare for you and discuss your homecare.
€70.00 / 60 min.


Name Price / Time

Long-lasting, deep hydrating facial.

Tightness, stinging… is your skin becoming rough and lacklustre or being marked by fine lines? This is a cry for help: your skin is drying out. This high performance treatment will quickly help to restore its balance, suppleness, and softness.


Name Price / Time
YON-KA PETIT FACIAL €50.00 / 40 min.

The beauty break.

Take time out and treat yourself to a beauty break. The scents of citrus fruits and essential oils re-energise and stimulate while botanical extracts reveal a soft and soothed complexion and all in just 35 magical minutes!.

Name Price
PEDICURE – Including Toe nail cut and shape and cuticle work, hard skin removal, exfoliation, and cream.  €55.00
BACK WAX €35.00
CHEST WAX €30.00


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